Why Choose Us?

Do want for local stamped concrete contractors? We at TRC Stamped Concrete is your best contractor your best choice.

  • Our company has been in the industry for more many years with the latest equipment and customer satisfaction.
  • We are proud to be one of Dallas best concrete contractor.
  • We deliver the best projects to the topmost standards in the industry.


Our company offers a different service to all of our customers:

Stamped Concrete

Our company is one of the stamped concrete patio installers. That gives the outside of your home appeal with simply designed concrete.

  • Stained Concrete
  • Decorative Concrete


We know that stamped concrete is challenging. You just need to manage to pour and place the concrete with minimal issues.

But if you don’t get the imprinting process just right, you will be left with a permanent slab. Which make it hard and expensive to repair.


We have ways to maintain stamped concrete to make sure that it will last as long as possible:

  • Color Hardener apply on the surface
  • Apply protective sealer
  • Protect from freeze-thaw damage
  • Avoid using de-icing salts
  • Install the correct mix

Concrete Repair

Our company is expert in all types of concrete repairs. We are responsible for repairing concrete both home and business at low-cost.

Our company also offers other services related to stamped concrete works. Hence, to know our best services call us now.


To hire an expert concrete contractor have a wide benefit that they will receive.

  • To select for self-design range from engraving, stamping, and coloring to stenciling, embedding objects, as well as staining and polishing.
  • In fact, having a concrete is eco-friendly, which makes green easy and is an exact positive in a city like Dallas.
  • Also, fast, easy, and low-cost for cleaning and maintenance.

Safety Services

Our offer advice to our customer what is the best product that needs for their project. We use the latest equipment, to make sure that our safety in any debris. That will create during the installation, repair, or any work-related. Thus, we are also concern about the safety of our customers. So we make sure that we inform them of what we are doing and by telling them the period of our works. So that they will be aware of how to keep away from the project area. As well as, we make sure the safety of our workers by giving them the right clothes to wear. For example, we give them a helmet and instruct them to wear while on the project site.

Perfect Plan

We execute complete attention to details. Our company always makes sure that the final installation and quality of workmanship is what we expect. We also keep every project is treated accordingly and with a personal touch. Thus, we always give a permanent solution to every issue we face along the way. For the best result, we make sure that the materials we use are in good condition. In this way, the concrete we made is strong and effective that will last a long time. In essence, to know more about our services visit us now. Looking for Long Island Masonry?